I wish I didn’t love you

He broke my heart already and I was so stressed and depressed that I completely shut down. I finally started to get back to myself and come imto the light. I was ok without him, I felt myself being ok with the fact of him and i not being a couple. Than he calls me up saying I need u, I love u and I wana give it another chance. I didn’t want to at first, afraid of going back to that place, but shit I love him, I thought. So I open my arms back up and embrace him with everything I had again. And for a while it was cool shit everything was great. Till I find him still messing with the chick that had the nerve to call my phone for him. So I snapped on him I yelled, screamed, cried punched, slapped, and kicked. And all he could do was look me in my eyes and say I’m tripping. No explanation, no apology, not even a drop of remorse. Now I feel my heart breaking again. Im going back to that stressed, depressed, dark place. Damn why I love this dude like that, why am I a fool for him. Better yet why do I allow him to keep putting me thru this. But the main question I wana answers to is why did I have to fall in love with a guy that didn’t love me back.



Let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.
-Maya Angelou

I’m a woman first

What is a woman, Webster’s dictionary defines me simply as a female person. Ha, what does he know, he’s a man. Men look at as the weak; impossible to do. But yet, we truly run the world, without us where would men be, I’ll tell you; extinct like the dinosaurs. Well I know I’m more than just a female person. I’m a female with dreams, goals, ambitions, and strive. A mother, protector, provider, companion. Like Juliet said, what’s a rose, if called by any other nane would it still smell as sweet. So I ask a woman, if called by any other name would it make a difference, to most, probably not. But I’m proud to be a woman, no matter what I choose to be in the end I’m a woman first.